Cantürkler Wooden Structure

Cantürkler Wooden Construction Bursa, at every stage from design to production, customized and standard wooden living spaces, prefabricated wooden house, wooden cabins, wooden camellias, wooden office, wooden cafe and social areas, wooden mosque, wooden playhouses, wooden buffet, wooden container, wooden manufactures security and guard huts, wooden warehouse and warehouse, wooden garden structures.
We use natural trees while making your wooden houses, and we prefer completely dead or old trees in order not to disturb the order of our nature.

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Reliable Service

As Cantürkler Ahsap Yapı, we have been providing reliable service to our customers for more than years.

Expert team

As Cantürkler Ahsap Yapı, we serve with our team specialized in wooden construction.

Customer Happiness

We give importance to the wishes of our customers in our works and ensure that their needs are met.


Your Wooden Works are done with care with our experienced staff.

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